The Story

It all started at the age of 8 years In Palmira,Colombia, a time where life was so simple yet turbulent. Brian Alejandro discovered a tape which when he first played he was immediately hypnotised to its sound.

From the first hip-hop drum pattern, the first fast rhyming words he wanted to learn how to fuse words and sentences together and flow to the beat that had once had him stuck to the cassette player. Rappers and MC’s influenced him around his neighbourhood in Colombia. Even though he went through tough times growing up, music was the only thing motivating him to move forward. From a young age he began an interest in instruments that lead him to learn how to play the piano.

From young there’s been a fascination with words and music that at first was just a way of connecting with what he had left behind which soon grew and blossomed an interest in pursuing a career as an Artists. Since then, Nabsora has produced, written, recorded, mixed and mastered all of his projects, has performed all over the UK & internationally.

Today, a common theme in his music is to bring a collection of social commentary and the different perspectives that you would otherwise find incongruous to the mainstream media. For his 2018 release “Proud” he directed and edited the music video. The vision for this project is to portray and celebrate the abundance in culture and racial diversity that’s present in the UK. also to speak about the discrimination thats been show by many in the western democratic world towards immigrants. As NSO continues to grow and expand his musical style he continues to work towards a higher purpose with his music to be able to convey a message in a positive light even if it means expressing a few negative ones.