The Mix Makes Or Breaks A Song

From an early age i’ve had a infatuation with sound and music. the inherent curiosity that lead me to pursue a an life as an artist also sparked an obsession with understanding sound.

This curiosity has lead me to search how sound behaves and in doing so it has given me an unique way of translating frequencies through my mixes.

I believe every song has its own energy and story embedded into it and it’s my job to make that story be heard by an audience left wanting more each time.

“What I liked about Brian’s mixes was the effects and choices he used on my vocals. He created a sound I was looking for but could not describe so when I heard it I knew instantly, this was what I was looking for. The compression and reverb used was the right balance which gave my mixes a high quality I was striving for.

I would highly recommend Brian to any artist who is looking for a high quality mix which would sound great on any system you play it on and would give your records that industry standard sound which is required to compete in today’s market.”

–  Jupiter Grey


“When I wanted to record a song I had in mind, Brian was one of the people I wanted to work with cause I knew that he would be able to bring my vision to life and possibly add to it

That’s exactly what I got he really did a great job in listening to what I wanted to do and also in advising what he thought would work and it really did come to life. Recording and mix quality were great I can’t complain, he was a real professional and will definitely be returning to record more in the future”

– Kevin Espinosa


Equipment 1

Mixed By NSO

Audio Mixing

From £30 10 Audio Tracks

£60 30 Audio Tracks

£90 60 Tracks



“My Main man Nabsora, A university & street certified sound engineer, rapper and producer is ready and raring to go. This man being colombian born adds an unexpected yet necessary zest to his musicianship, and it would most definitely be an injustice to yourselves if you don’t at the very least take a look into his work and skills. 

He has done extensive work on my own projects, including live performance. “

– Mitchell Urahara